Splash Cars v1.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Splash Cars v1.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

Dades93 - Splash Cars Apk.
This time you will play a game that will give a new sensation with different nuances. If the usual android game that uses the car as the main character in the game, then you would guess that the game definitely closely related to race. But this time the game has just been released offering a different game themes, you will find a city with everything in black and white. And your mission is to make all areas of the city to color using your car. Starting from buildings, houses, trees, rivers and even field will be colored as you pass through. But of course you will get a hitch from the city police will pursue you.

Tired of the everyday grey? Color the world in a ride of your life! Splash cars await! Riding a splash car is exactly what you'd expect. Fun! Paint oozes from your machine leaving a colorful trail behind. But not everybody likes fun. The cops are always watching and will chase you to the ends of the world, when they see you drive free and off road. It's the police, they want to bust you for shaking up the established order. Don't let them! Be quick and break the chase. Now's your chance to fully express yourself through color and style. Just download splash cars mod apk via link below.

Game Features :
  • Race for freedom of expression.
  • Choose your own style from a range of original splash paint cars.
  • Grow the racy art challenge in new and constantly growing neighborhoods.
  • Use bohemian power-ups to sabotage cops and supersize your racing machine.
  • Convert public servants to aid you in your cause.

Mod Features by ZahirSher :
  • Infinite Coins (Add Some)
  • Infinite Blue Prints (Add Some)
  • Infinite Battery (Add Some)
  • Infinite Power Up Time

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Enjoy the game

Splash Cars v1.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod) 1

Splash Cars v1.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod) 2

Download Splash Cars v1.0 Mod Apk (Mega Mod)

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