USSR Simulator v1.20 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

USSR Simulator v1.20 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Dades93 - USSR Simulator Apk
. Game simulator does provide a different sensation, not in the least make us bored to play the game. This time I will give you a very cool game, where you will play the leader of a country . Of course as a leader of a country you will have a lot of tasks that must be executed. In addition to making your people peace and prosperity, you also must be able to manage finance, food, military and many more exciting things in this game. For gameplay offered in this game is quite simple and not complicated so do not worry you will be confused when playing this game.

USSR Simulator - upgrade communism and build your own bright future! Imagine yourself as a Soviet official - develop your country, collect taxes, fulfill 5-year plans and fight against enemy of the people by means of repressions! Just download ussr simulator mod apk via link below.

Game Features :
  • earn money and upgrade more than 50 activities
  • perform five-year plans for the national economy
  • repress traitors and everybody who disagree with your course
  • complete tasks and unlock achievements
  • compete with your friends in game ratings

Mod Features by Sleipnir :
  • Free Shopping

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link beow
  2. Install apk
  3. Enjoy the game

USSR Simulator v1.20 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)1

Download USSR Simulator v1.20 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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