Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v20 Mod Apk

Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v20 Mod Apk1

Dades93 - Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition Apk
is a game that has just been released by Sekai Project as generally a game certainly offers an entertainment through games presented therein. However there if you want to see the positive side to play the game then you can realize that playing a game whether it be through any device will bring a very useful benefit for life in the real world. As the game which I will share this time that has outstanding graphics and amazing gameplay supported by all the really cool feature. Not only are we going to get entertainment of the game there, but in this game you can while learning about the kanji, which we know kanji itself until now is still the main letter used in Japan.

Kanji no Owari 「漢字の終わり」, also known as "The Kanjis' End", is a simple Japanese language learning anime game that helps the players in memorizing JLPT Joyo Kanji characters「常用漢字」and English meaning combinations (with Kana 仮名 and Romaji ロマージ reading options available as hints whenever tapping monsters) easily with the help of RPG / JRPG-esque gameplay. Just download kanji no owari pro edition mod apk via link below.

Pro Edition Features :
  • The game includes 1900 more Kanjis!
  • Three additional stages with more enemies, bosses and OST/ soundtracks!
  • Gold will not reset when you choose a new class to play!
  • You get access to the Kanji listing feature, which records all your Kanji learning progress!
  • All future updates are exclusive to the pro version!

Game Features :
  • Meanings are categorized accordingly to nouns (light yellow), verbs (red), adverbs/adjectives (blue), and archaic/obscure/Pronouns(pink) to easily comprehend the English meanings given.
  • The tables will remain up-to-date and constantly being improved.
  • Variety of enemy types and behavior can be seen in-game.
  • Very challenging boss battles.

Mod Features :
  • Unlimited Money

How to Install :
  • Download apk mod via link below
  • Install apk
  • Enjoy the game

Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v20 Mod Apk2

Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v20 Mod Apk3

Download Kanji No Owari! Pro Edition v20 Mod Apk

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