Guardian Sword v1.7 Mod Apk (High Damage)

Guardian Sword v1.7 Mod Apk (High Damage)

Dades93 - Guardian Sword Mod Apk
is adventure game for android published by 星龙动漫. In this game you will encounter an adventure game that can make your leisure time becomes more exciting. Some of the unique combination in this game will make you not be bored while playing this game. Skiil uniquely different from any character and formidable monsters which will become your enemy will certainly make you very challenged to complete this game. Gameplay is very simple also increasingly makes you who are not used to playing the game will quickly understand how to play this game.

Guardian Sword is the very first light adventure tower defence mobile game. Possessing fine graphics of Japanese style and impressive skills of righteous ardour, it adopts an extremely simple but innovative way of playing – to keep on tapping to resist waves of monsters. In the world of swords, harvest fun and joy simply through tapping and tower defence. You can download guardian sword mod apk via link below.

Guardian Sword Game Features :

[Innovative Light Adventure Bot System]
  • Besides a classic light adventure game’s typical tap-to-defend game mode, it comes with an innovative and probably disruptive bot system. Even when the game is completed shut, your income would still piles up. You will be surprised by what you have when you start the game again!
[How fast can you tap your fingers?]
  • Tapping without thinking is no longer enough! Strategic taps are the key of this tap-to-kill tower defence mobile game. Keep a close eye on the battlefield. Do not give monsters any opportunity. During a round of 2 minutes, tap accurately and rapidly. Make your finger tip dance on the screen as you defend the sacred tower.
[With Multiple Lines to Develop, A Tapping Game Is No Longer Boring]
  • Just tap and tap? Bot system is boring? No and no! According to several professional game players’ precious feedback, we believe multiple storylines would greatly extend the life of a game. A rich multiple line system allows players to cultivate warriors while developing proud ladies on the sacred tower, bringing up young Elven girls and enhancing various equipment. Your combat capacity will be awe-inspiring!
[Countless Trendy Outfits for Free. You Are the Fashion Designer]
  • The game provides a unique outfit changing system. Numerous fashionable clothing in fine Japanese style enables players to create over 100 different styles. Put on whatever clothes you like. A 2D wardrobe is waiting for you to fill up!
[Unique BOSS Design. You Won’t Forget the Excitement from Your First Kill]
  • Every attack from the monster legion is manipulated by a BOSS. A cruel Orge BOSS or a sneaky skeleton BOSS? How many more bosses are still out there? In this breath-taking game world, come to adventure!

Guardian Sword Mod Features :

  • High Damage

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Play the game

Guardian Sword v1.7 Mod Apk (High Damage)1

Download Guardian Sword Mod Apk (High Damage)

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