DayR v1.421 Mod Apk (Lots Of Money)

DayR v1.421 Mod Apk (Lots Of Money)

Dades93 - DayR Mod Apk
is Role Playing Game for Andoid published by tltGames. In this you will meet a a big challenge to survive your life. you will be required to survive in the post -Soviet Union kawkasan nuclear war. Where in these locations a lot of disaster caused by the war, you have to survive from the disease, a dead land, no groceries.

You must be able to survive with the extremely harsh conditions. Start building a life together with the people around. To achieve this you will be given a choice that will be the skills to be a doctor, mechanic, army, teachers and many other things. So choose a skill that is compatible with your identity Just download dayr mod apk via link below.

DayR Game Features :

  • Hardcore survival : Starvation, radiation, thirst injury, disease will not let you relax.
  • Living World : Changing seasons, monsters, a large map of the Soviet Union with over 2,500 unique city.
  • Weight capacity : Hundreds of craft schemes, various types of equipment, dozens of quests.
  • Bleeding : Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, firearms, explosives and more.
  • Co - op : Online chats, assumptions and fight together.

DayR Mod Features :

  • Lots of Money

What's New :
  • New trucks and adventure it 
  • Continuation of the main quest
  • The new image database of survivors, bandits
  • New pictures Raiders bandits 
  • A new map with the names of cities
  • Fix the bugs

How to Install :
  1. Download apk mod via link below
  2. Install apk
  3. Play the game

DayR v1.421 Mod Apk (Lots Of Money)1

Download DayR Mod Apk (Lots of Money)

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